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  • Xay - 2/25/2019
    First impression was good. Process was fast. Leasing Consultant Patricia Salas is Awsome! She made my move-in process smoother. Maintenance staff are nice and accessible. Overall 4.5 Stars. I'm Happy with my decision!
  • Ben G. - 3/14/2019
    I have lived here since August and have had no issues. Patricia and the office staff, Jerone, Theresa, and Alicia are amazing. Any time I have any issues, they are very quick to solve them. Maintenance staff is always quick to fix any issues that come up and are always very friendly.
  • Nina Amer - 6/20/2019
    I feel like a word of truth has to be spoken about my wonderful one year stay at Grand Reserve. First of all the house is very clean and up to date equipments are applied. Secondly, the house is well maintained by the efficient maintenance guys who are accurate and neat. Whoever visits us speaks of how clean and neat are the doorways and the stares are. Moreover, my children are enjoying every activity the main office has every now and then. Last but not least, we really appreciate the help and support we get from the amazing and loving staff and above all the wonderful and the most caring boss; Jerone Bogar. He has been like a brother to us, God sent us to the right place! I highly recommend these apartments for five star stay!
  • Violet Betancourt - 9/17/2019
    My husband & I moved in July 2019, and we have had nothing but a great experience with Grand Reserve. PATRICIA SALAS signed us up and was extremely polite and helpful every step of the way. They pick up the phone when you call, answer all emails, and are just overall a wonderful staff. If there is any issues in the apartment they will fix it within 24 hours. They recently even changed a light-bulb in our kitchen. If you are looking for a lovely luxury apartment close to everything this is the place to be. We love it.